Recent Facebook Studies Reveal New Data

Reason why Facebook is very popular

Social networks are big part of modern human and they became very important for all people. Websites like Twitter and Facebook became very popular due to fact that you can do various great things on them. But let’s talk about Facebook. Facebook is great place where you can make your profile, add pictures and post comments. Great thing about Facebook is fact that there is possibility to add people and chat with them, which allows you to have various conversations with friends or even meet new people and find love of your life. All users on Facebook can join various groups and like similar things. Those are all reasons why Facebook became a big part of our life’s, and reason why almost everyone have a Facebook (or como hackear un Facebook) profile filled with big amounts of pictures and friends. Introduction of games on Facebook gave even popularity of this incredible social network.

Impact of Facebook on people’s lives

Today Facebook is a website with over two billion happy users. But since Facebook represent a big part of our life’s, his social, health and media impact is really big and strong. For example Facebook affected social life and people’s activity in a few ways. Due do possibility to log in on Facebook via mobile devices, people can continuously to stay in touch with friends and family. As long as user has internet connection he can be in touch with his friends wherever he is in the world which is just incredible. But health impact is not that good, since Facebook can cause negative effects on humans self-esteem by touching feelings and envy. There are various causes of envy, for example photos from vacations and holidays or posts from friends and family. Recent studies have shown that one of three Facebook users were more dissatisfied with their lives after joining Facebook social network which is just really important to notice. Also big amounts of people felt worse about their lives after watching pictures of famous and incredibly rich people.

Facebook messenger

Also it we have to mention that few people committed suicide due to bullying via Facebook, and most of those people were younger people. But aside of those negative effects on people, Facebook is still great place where people can do big amounts of great and exciting things. That’s why Facebook is number one social network with incredible amount of active users. If you are not yet member of this great website, we hope that this short post will make you to change your mind and tryout Facebook.

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Another Gaming Day on Facebook

Facebook Hidden&Find Games

Hidden object games are very amusing and entertaining. Because of that, you probably ought to try playing one of them on Facebook.
Criminal Case is a game available for you to play for free online. It a CSI genre game which purpose it to solve a crime, a murder, and apprehend the murderer using hidden object scenes to find objects, clues and evidence. You are a detective who is on a task. There are many murders to solve in this game. I am sure you have so far enjoyed many CSI genre television series on Fox or CBS. This is so much alike. The upside is that you get to progress in solving the murder yourself and that you uncover the evidence on your own. The downside is that there is only one solution, one way to end the crime investigation so unless you find the proper clues and put the pieces of the puzzle together in the required way you will neither progress nor catch the culprit. In this Facebook game, apart from finding clues in hidden object scenes which include the crime scene, the house of the victim, other places the suspect or the victim has visited, etc. you get to interview the suspects, witnesses, the victim’s family, friends, employers, etc. You also often analyse evidence which takes some time.

games on facebook

This contributes to finding the suspects’ fingerprints, DNA compatibility, etc. In a hidden object scene there are approximately 15-20 hidden objects all around surrounded by other object, and sometime even disguised by them which makes the game a bit more challenging. There is a time limit and unless you find all object in this time frame, you lose a life. There is not an indefinite number of lives so once you have spent all of them you have to wait in order for them to fill up. Comment pirater un compte Facebook has made this game available to us for free. This game is great for filling your leisure time if you need an activity you what to start. It will develop you crime solving skills, your creative thinking and prise your intelligence. If you like this genre, this is a game you should definitely try.

Top Five Games on Facebook

Take advantage of the variety of things Facebook offers. You do not need to pay money and spend time installing and loading a game on you PC, smartphone or tablets to play a hidden object game. You can do that for free, and if you choose to progress more quickly, you can always use real time money to complete crime investigations more quickly.

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Download Clash of Clans on your mobile devices!

Start playing Clash of Clans today!

Bought new android or IOS device and you don’t know which is the best game for your mobile phone ? In this short post we will talk about most epic mobile game called Clash of Clans, which has over 20 millions of active players ! In this exciting free to play game you are able to make your village and develop it into biggest village on the server. Best thing about this game is possibility to play whenever you want to without having to spend any money. Goal of Clash of Clans is to upgrade your village and make big army which will be able to win every clan war. In this game players are able to collect three types of resources. First is gold which can be collected by your workers from goldmines and with gold players can make new buildings and make new warriors. Next big resource is elixir which is even more important than gold. With elixirs players also can develop special types of buildings and make even stronger troops and heroes which can be only summoned with dark elixir.


And the last but not the least important are Gems. Gems are similar to gold and elixirs, but gems are also used as a currency and can be bought with real money via App store and Google play store. Also players can earn free Gems by reaching certain milestones and completing various achievements. Main usage of gems is to speed up every aspect of this game, from troop training to construction buildings, but it can be used to purchase more gold and elixirs or more troops. Most of Clash of Clans players are buying additional Gems for real money to speed up their game and be stronger than other players. Best thing about COC is having a clan wars with other players.

How to develop your village the best way!

Clans are groups made from few players who are supporting each other with donating troops, giving advice’s and donating resources. that’s why it is so important to find great clan which will protect you and help you with development! Also there is possibility to have clan wars which is the most exciting and enjoyable thing in this game. With this being said, what are you waiting? Go and start playing this great mobile game today, and lead your clan to victory! Don’t forget to find a great clan which will help you in starting stages of Clash of Clans!

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