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Bought new android or IOS device and you don’t know which is the best game for your mobile phone ? In this short post we will talk about most epic mobile game called Clash of Clans, which has over 20 millions of active players ! In this exciting free to play game you are able to make your village and develop it into biggest village on the server. Best thing about this game is possibility to play whenever you want to without having to spend any money. Goal of Clash of Clans is to upgrade your village and make big army which will be able to win every clan war. In this game players are able to collect three types of resources. First is gold which can be collected by your workers from goldmines and with gold players can make new buildings and make new warriors. Next big resource is elixir which is even more important than gold. With elixirs players also can develop special types of buildings and make even stronger troops and heroes which can be only summoned with dark elixir.


And the last but not the least important are Gems. Gems are similar to gold and elixirs, but gems are also used as a currency and can be bought with real money via App store and Google play store. Also players can earn free Gems by reaching certain milestones and completing various achievements. Main usage of gems is to speed up every aspect of this game, from troop training to construction buildings, but it can be used to purchase more gold and elixirs or more troops. Most of Clash of Clans players are buying additional Gems for real money to speed up their game and be stronger than other players. Best thing about COC is having a clan wars with other players.

How to develop your village the best way!

Clans are groups made from few players who are supporting each other with donating troops, giving advice’s and donating resources. that’s why it is so important to find great clan which will protect you and help you with development! Also there is possibility to have clan wars which is the most exciting and enjoyable thing in this game. With this being said, what are you waiting? Go and start playing this great mobile game today, and lead your clan to victory! Don’t forget to find a great clan which will help you in starting stages of Clash of Clans!

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